Teams are ultimately responsible for policing their own roster. If they are found to have an illegal roster, they will be disqualified from the event.

Divisions, Rosters and Classifications

There will be the following divisions in the 2009 US Paintball League:

  • Professional
  • Division 1
  • Division 2
  • Division 3
  • Division 3
  • 5-man

D1 may have unlimited D1 players, unlimited SP players and up to 2 Pro players
D2 may have all D2 players, up to two D1 players, no SP or Pro players
D3 may have only D3 players (for both 7-man and 5-man)

National Classification Conversion Chart

(If you have both NPPL and PSP classifications, your USPL classification will be whichever is higher)

  • 2008 Pro NPPL = USPL SP (unless listed on a 2009 NXL or USPL Pro Roster)
  • 2008 SP NPPL = USPL SP
  • 2008 D1 NPPL = USPL D1
  • 2008 D2 NPPL = USPL D2
  • 2008 D3 NPPL = USPL D3
  • Pro NXL = USPL Pro
  • D1 PSP = USPL D1
  • D2 PSP = USPL D2
  • D3 PSP = USPL D3

A professional player is someone who is listed on a 2009 USPL Pro roster or 2009 NXL roster. Anyone who played pro in 2008 but is not on a 2009 pro roster (USPL or NXL) is classified as SP. Any player who takes one year off can be reclassified down 1 division. Note: No player can ever be reclassified down to D3.

The US Paintball League will allow players to compete in one US Paintball League event at a higher division before having to reclassify. After 6 events, a Division 3 player will be classified as a Division 2 player.

To have your case reviewed, you can request a reclassification for a $50 fee (no matter the outcome of the league's decision) by emailing [email protected]