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US Paintball League
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Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Sixteen Professional Teams have formed the US Paintball League (USPL). The player-owned league is dedicated to growing the sport of paintball at all levels of the game.

Season Opener Confirmed: Huntington Beach, CA April 3 - 5 2009

The 2009 season will consist of four events held across the United States. The following teams will be competing in the 2009 Pro Division:

  • Chicago Legend
  • D.C. Arsenal
  • Edmonton Impact
  • Indianapolis Mutiny
  • Los Angeles Infamous
  • Miami Rage
  • Oakland Blast
  • O.C. Bushwackers
  • Phoenix United
  • Sacramento XSV
  • San Antonio X-Factor
  • San Diego Dynasty
  • San Francisco Explicit
  • Scottsdale Elevation
  • St. Louis Avalanche
  • Tampa Bay Damage

Newly appointed Commissioner Chuck Hendsch said “Like all sports it was only a matter of time before the teams took matters into their own hands. Huntington Beach will be a great place to start the season”. The event will be held over a three day period hosting up to 160 of the best teams in the world. Teams will be competing in four different divisions. The event will be located on the beach in front of Life Guard Headquarters.

US Paintball League is a player run organization that governs Paintball tournaments and play. The USPL will host 4 events in the US where Paintball teams compete and are awarded points in four divisions; Professional, Division I, Division II and Division III to determine an overall Paintball champion in each division. The USPL is committed to setting rules, standards and guidelines for safe, competitive, fair Paintball competitions worldwide. For more information call 714 858 1923 or email [email protected].