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Las Vegas World Champioships

Check out this insane intro to the mayhem coming to Las Vegas!

USPL Surf City Huntington Beach

Check out the intro piece to this years Surf City Open in HB.

Paradise Cup

European USPL Feeder Event to be held in Paris, France 

October 3 & 4, 2009 

Here's your chance to Win FREE Entry to the USPL in Washington D.C., Las Vegas or Huntington Beach!
The Paradise Cup will take place near Paris at Paradise Paintball field this coming 3rd and 4th of October 2009.  This venue is known for its local team "Tigres", tournament sized arenas fields, the hosting of an annual CPL training session and some of its videos. 
Played in 7-man format, the Paradise Cup winners will win a full entry to a USPL event in their division.  
It's the chance for teams to challenge some of the best teams in the US and the world this upcoming season and to make a hit on the scene. It's the fast track to a successful season!
The Paradise Cup is an opportunity for European teams to compete in a different atmosphere. Though well marshaled, fun, affordable, and competitive, the Paradise Cup will mark be the rebirth of the "good old days" of European 7 man. 
"Top level marshalling is the key to any good event". To do so the Paradise Cup is relying on the USPL rules along with experienced and dedicated marshals, featuring EuroRefs and FPS referees supported by teams Toxic, Hyenes & Tigres.
The Paradise Cup is a BYOP event open to all. Paint from top manufacturers, stored in a temperature controlled room, will be available on site for teams in need.
Stay in touch with the Paradise Cup via our website,, or check out the official Paradise Cup web forum hosted by our partner Spirit of Paint,, under the tournament series Paradise Cup.
A preview of the event can be viewed here: 
Paradise Cup Contact: Greg at 33(0) 672.823.724 or email [email protected]