World-Famous Team Avalanche and Pro Paintball Player Frank Connell have inked a deal for the 2009 Season with Englewood, CO-based The Sports Authority.
The particulars of the agreement haven't been made public at this time, but Team Captain Frank Connell said “It’s an honor to have a company as strong as The Sports Authority backing myself and my team, with their support we will be able to elevate our game”. There is also a personal sponsorship for Frank “Da Tank” Connell, one of the most feared players in the sport, not only for his skills as a player, but for his skills in coaching the elite players on Avalanche.
The Sports Authority is a brick-and-mortar retail outlet for a wide variety of sporting goods, including paintball gear. The chain has over 450 stores in the U.S. As well as a their web e-tailing presence at  Avalanche and The Sports Authority share the goals of being the very best at what they do, bringing passion to their games and their businesses.
Eric Stork, Director of Strategic Growth with ProCaps, L.P., was a key figure in crafting the agreement between Avalanche and Connell. DXS Paintball is proudly featured in The Sports Authority Retail stores across the United States and on their web presence, “This agreement took over a year to complete”, said Stork “but it was worth the time and effort to make it happen to continue ProCaps' philosphy of making the pie bigger, getting more people involved with paintball, and growing the sport for everyone!”
The Sports Authority joins Draxxus, Planet Eclipse, Vforce, NXE, Guerrilla Air and Warped Sportz as sponsors for the team, and Avalanche looks forward to working with all their sponsors for the 2009 season and beyond.
For more information, check out and you can follow Avalanche as they move through the 2009 Season at, where Avalanche will be competing in each event for the entire season.