US Paintball League Paint Program

Tournament Teams,

The following is the paintball program for the 2009 Surf City Open in Huntington Beach California. All Paintballs used in HB will meet ASTM Paintball Standards and must have non-staining fills. Like in years past per the City of Huntington Beach, Paintballs must be purchased or picked up at the event. We want to keep Huntington Beach clean and would ask players to not have opened Paintball containers in the parking lots, cars, hotels or public places.

We will be selling all major paintball brands at the tournament. All Paintballs will be kept in a climate controlled environment. Paintballs will be sold at the event at a price between $35.00 and $55.00 depending on brand of balls. If your team has a paintball sponsorship the League will work with sponsored team and sponsor to ensure you get your deal at the event.

We are implementing a new area in the player paddocks where you can pick up your paintballs on a case by case basis. This system in combination with the new schedule should make it easier to keep your paintballs fresh and available.

Upon on-line registration, the league will contact you to find out what brand your team will use and how many cases of Paintballs your team will require for the preliminary games.

US Paintball League