Below is the schedule of professional games for the July 24 - 26, 2009 West Coast Open at SC Village.  The full schedule of games including Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 7man, Division 3 5man and Pump will be released the week before the event.  Entry fees for the event increase in just one week, so be sure to pay for your team registration today and save! 
Friday Bracket:                                             Saturday Bracket:
(2) San Diego Dynasty                                   (1) DC Arsenal
(3) Oakland Blast                                            (4) Los Angeles Infamous
(6) Edmonton Impact                                     (5) St. Louis Avalanche
(7) OC Bushwackers                                      (8) Tampa Bay Damage
(10) Legend                                                      (9) San Antonio X-Factor
(11) San Francisco Explicit                            (12) Phoenix United
(14) Sacramento XSV                                     (13) Miami Rage
(15) Indianapolis Mutiny                                (16) Scottsdale Elevation
Pro Schedule for Center Court: Friday
Fri 12:00OC Bushwackers vs Legend
Fri 12:08Edmonton Impact vs EXPLICIT
Fri 12:16Oakland Blast vs Sacramento XSV
Fri 12:24DYNASTY vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Fri 12:32Edmonton Impact vs OC Bushwackers
Fri 12:40Oakland Blast vs Legend
Fri 12:48EXPLICIT vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Fri 12:56DYNASTY vs Sacramento XSV
Fri 1:04Oakland Blast vs Edmonton Impact
Fri 1:12OC Bushwackers vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Fri 1:20Legend vs Sacramento XSV
Fri 1:36Oakland Blast vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Fri 1:44Edmonton Impact vs Sacramento XSV
Fri 1:52OC Bushwackers vs EXPLICIT
Fri 2:00DYNASTY vs Legend
Fri 2:08Sacramento XSV vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Fri 2:16Oakland Blast vs EXPLICIT
Fri 2:24Edmonton Impact vs Legend
Fri 2:32DYNASTY vs OC Bushwackers
Fri 2:40EXPLICIT vs Sacramento XSV
Fri 2:48Legend vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Fri 2:56Oakland Blast vs OC Bushwackers
Fri 3:04DYNASTY vs Edmonton Impact
Fri 3:12Legend vs EXPLICIT
Fri 3:20OC Bushwackers vs Sacramento XSV
Fri 3:28Edmonton Impact vs Indianapolis Mutiny
Fri 3:36DYNASTY vs Oakland Blast
Pro Schedule for Center Court: Saturday
Sat 12:00Tampa Bay Damage vs X-Factor
Sat 12:08St. Louis Avalanche vs Phoenix United
Sat 12:16Los Angeles Infamous vs Miami Rage
Sat 12:24DC Arsenal vs Scottsdale Elevation
Sat 12:32St. Louis Avalanche vs Tampa Bay Damage
Sat 12:40Los Angeles Infamous vs X-Factor
Sat 12:48Phoenix United vs Scottsdale Elevation
Sat 12:56DC Arsenal vs Miami Rage
Sat 1:04Los Angeles Infamous vs St. Louis Avalanche
Sat 1:12Tampa Bay Damage vs Scottsdale Elevation
Sat 1:20X-Factor vs Miami Rage
Sat 1:28DC Arsenal vs Phoenix United
Sat 1:36Los Angeles Infamous vs Scottsdale Elevation
Sat 1:44St. Louis Avalanche vs Miami Rage
Sat 1:52Tampa Bay Damage vs Phoenix United
Sat 2:00DC Arsenal vs X-Factor
Sat 2:08Miami Rage vs Scottsdale Elevation
Sat 2:16Los Angeles Infamous vs Phoenix United
Sat 2:24St. Louis Avalanche vs X-Factor
Sat 2:32DC Arsenal vs Tampa Bay Damage
Sat 2:40Phoenix United vs Miami Rage
Sat 2:48X-Factor vs Scottsdale Elevation
Sat 2:56Los Angeles Infamous vs Tampa Bay Damage
Sat 3:04DC Arsenal vs St. Louis Avalanche
Sat 3:12X-Factor vs Phoenix United
Sat 3:20Tampa Bay Damage vs Miami Rage
Sat 3:28St. Louis Avalanche vs Scottsdale Elevation
Sat 3:36DC Arsenal vs Los Angeles Infamous
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