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Las Vegas World Champioships

Check out this insane intro to the mayhem coming to Las Vegas!

USPL Surf City Huntington Beach

Check out the intro piece to this years Surf City Open in HB.

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Congratulations to the 2009 NPPL Series Champions

All Series Champions have won a free entry into the Huntington Beach event held on the beach in Huntington Beach, CA April 9 - 11, 2010!  All 7man Series Champions will also be offered a Bob Long gun sponsorship!
Dynasty Entourage and Impact Kids also earned an additional $2,000 cash prize courtesy of UNTAMED CINEMA for winning the Vegas event in their 7man divisions as well as the 2009 Series!
Division I Team Dynasty Entourage have many believing they are ready for the Pro Ranks by being the only team in the league to win all four events in their division!  What does this mean for Dynasty Entourage in 2010?  Will you see them playing Professional in the Huntington Beach event April 9 - 11?  We will keep you posted with Pro Team updates and Team Spotlights from all divisions on throughout the entire off season!
Professional Series Champions: Oakland Blast

Professional Runner Up: D.C. Arsenal
Division 1 Series Champions: Dynasty Entourage

Division 1 Runner Up: Rockstar Factory
Division 2 Series Champions: Arsenal Predators

Division 2 Runner Up: SCP Epic
Division 3 7man Series Champions: Impact Kids
Division 3 7man Runner Up: SCP Edge
Division 3 5man Series Champions: The K.G.B. Mob
Division 3 5man Runner Up: Team Rip
Pump Open 5man Series Champions: LA

Pump Open 5man Runner Up: GAT Products Factory

Congratulations to the 2009 NPPL Conference Champions
Eastern Conference: D.C. Arsenal
Western Conference: Oakland Blast
Division 1 7man
Eastern Conference: Arsenal Evolution (confirm)
Western Conference: Dynasty Entourage

Division 2 7man
Eastern Conference: Arsenal Predators
Western Conference: SCP Epic

Division 3 7man
Eastern Conference: TLords
Western Conference: Impact Kids
Division 3 5man

Eastern Conference: Devotion
Western Conference: Team Rip
Pump 5man

Eastern Conference: Indy Mutiny Pump
Western Conference: LA